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Storage Units

Sandbach Storage can provide you with self storage in one of its individual 20 ft shipping containers.   Each shipping container has been certified weather proof and suitable for international transport by road, rail or sea.  All we use them for is to provide static storage for our customers.

How big is a Storage Unit

How big is a shipping container?

Each storage unit is a 20ft shipping container, as the label says it can hold 1173 cubic feet or 33.2 cubic metres.  The internal dimensions are 19'3" long, 7'8" wide and 7'9" high, or 5.86m x 2.35m x 2.38m.



A small elephant A small elephant

So how much can it hold?

If you wanted to store boxes that were 500mm along each side, you could stack 176 of them inside a Sandbach Storage container unit.


If you have things stored in 72 litre plastic storage boxes, 600mm long x 400mm wide and 300mm high, you could stack a total of 371 into a 20ft container.


The contents of an average 3 bedroom house. 


Quite a few small elephants........


Long Term Storage

Our storage containers are designed for international transport and the doors are sealed against severe weather, however, Sandbach Storage recommends that you visit your storage container every few months to open the sealed doors and let some fresh air circulate.

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